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NEWS Shows 2014. 05-06

I decided to post this here. There are many shows coming and since I have access to HQ files I want to re-encode them to a reasonable size and share them with everyone along with some comments and translations. I am very greedy for quality so the files are still pretty big but I tried to find the best option. See screens for file quality.

2014.05.24 Meringue no Kimochi with Tegoshi

Full Tegoshi cut in HQ - 50 min, 1.3 GB.

 photo 2014052430E130EC30F330B2306E6C1763013061624B8D8A79504E5FPARTts_snapshot_4111_20140527_164529.jpg


2014.06.01 Tegoshi in Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo (行列のできる法律相談所 手越祐也)

 photo 20140601TegoshiinGyouretsunoDekiruHouritsuSoudanjomp4_snapshot_0004_20140607_183233.jpg

Yeah. Anyway, this time the guests basically talked about things that make them happy, often quite unexpected things. Like the woman sitting next to Tegoshi talked about how much she loves young handsome guys. She has been married twice and her second husband was 24 which was 33 years younger than her but it didn’t last long since she kept treating him like a son. When they asked her about it she said “Right now there’s also a person I want to touch to my left”

Tegoshi’s first source of happiness is facial masks. He said he puts in on every day during bath. Because he “can’t have pimples.” ”In order to keep my skin smooth I do this every evening~” He actually said “o-hada-chan~” Then they said thanks to this he can do crossdressing such as the 2010 calendar one. Tegoshi’s second happiness story revolved around him going out alone and eating super-spicy dishes which an unfortunate actor had to reenact. After the VTR they asked a special guest - an italian cuisine chef to cook some pasta for Tegoshi. Then they introduced the super-spicy tabasco sauce. At first they made one of the guests try a drop of the sauce to know just how spicy it is and he shouted at Tegoshi: “ARE YOU STUPID?” But of course Tegoshi put a lot of sauce on the dish and said it was yummy. The chef was puzzled so he tried a bit and cried while the little shit laughed. I left most of the talk parts but cut out the guest's VTRs. The rest of the show was about giving legal advice on using someone’s mobile phones and ending with a shart promotion from guests so I cut that.

Download: HQ Mp4, 22 min, 800 MB

2014.06.02 Ippuku! - Deshi ni shite kudasai! #1 or I’ve Become a Man!

 photo 20140602Ippuku-Deshinishitekudasaimp4_snapshot_1232_20140606_005325.jpg

So starting this week Massu has a new corner: “Please make me your apprentice!” The name speaks for itself but basically he’s going to challenge different things by helping someone who’s proficient in it.

The first one was: Fisherman.

Taichi: Why did you choose it?

Massu: Well, obviously it’s what manly men do.

Taichi: Is that what you believe?

Massu: I thought it’s what everyone thinks.

He then said he never in his life touched a live fish. Taichi: “There it is! Seriously?” Anyway, they watched the VTR. As with Ippuku Cinderella, during the first filming of the segment it rained. Massu’s sunny man image didn’t help him. He met a man who’s had a 32-year fishing experience and became his apprentice for the day but they didn’t do normal fishing, it was kind of a tourist fishing. This type of fishing called sudate originated in Edo period. Basically, the fish gets herded into this small enclosed area and you can catch it with your hands or scoop nets and can ask to get it cooked on the spot.

Massu was really excited about it like a little kid. After some effort he caught a needlefish and a perch and then there was a small shark and he was told to just take it with his hands and he was like “No way!” but his mentor urged him “you have to become a man!” so he did it and was so freaked out. Then a boy came up to him to take the shark from him but he wasn’t able to hold it and Massu was like “You’re still a kid so you can’t!” XDD The mentor then told him : “You became a man!” and Massu couldn’t be happier. Then he tried some of the fish he caught and came up to the “Onee-san” and asked her to teach him as well. He made some sea-lettuce and needlefish tempura and managed quite well. It came out delicious and "Onee-san" praised him saying “It’s tasty because your hands are good”. He high fived the granny and is was the cutest thing ever. But then his mentor came and told him to get back to work so they went to dig some clams. Finally they made some delicious pasta and Massu thanked his teacher for the day.

As the VTR ended Massu clapped excitedly as always and said “I became a Man” and then putting his fingers an inch apart added “A little”. Congratulations!

Download: HQ Mp4, 20 min, 785 MB

2014.06.02 Tegoshi in Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan Ii Hanashi (人生が変わる1分間の深いイイ話 手越祐也)

 photo 20140602JinseigaKawaruIppunkanIiHanashiTegoshimp4_snapshot_0336_20140607_192107.jpg

Another one from Tegoshi's promo. The topic was: "whether beauties are really happy?" and they had discussions and studio guests but I only got the Tegoshi cut and he didn't really do much there apart from a few comments and short promo talk at the end. I personally think he's too young fir this kind of shows but promo is promo.

They were talking about simple pleasures again and Tegoshi said “When I watch pre-recorded soccer matches on my TV at home it’s happiness” but the host was like “will you still be able to say that 20 years from now?”

Download: MQ Mp4, 7 min, 164 MB

2014.06.03 Tegoshi in Shiawase! Bonbi Girl (幸せボンビーガール 手越祐也)

 photo 20140603ShiawaseBombiGirlTegoshimp4_snapshot_0012_20140607_194031.jpg

Yamaguchi Tatsuya started the show with:

Y: Today is a (2-hr) special so the set is even more splendid [and turned to Tegoshi]

T: I am Tegoshi.

Y: Tegoshi? I thought we had a new set.

The VTR were all cut off so not much to say about that. Then Mori Izumi decided to cook Tandoori chicken in the studio. While it’s not a dish you can normally cook at home they tried to cook it in the microwave. Now Mori Izumi is a very peculiar character and it was all pretty funny. At first they had a “kneading sister”, then they made Tegoshi responsible for putting the meat in the microwave, a “microwave brother”. As simple task at it was he actually made a show of it speaking with the meat “What? You want to get warm? Then there’s no helping it. Get tasty!” It was very ridiculous but made the fans scream as always. The Tandoori chicken was quite a success it seems. Lastly there was the usual World Cup promo.

Stop flirting with the meat, you little shit!

Download: HQ Mp4, 400 MB

2014.06.06 Tegoshi on Nepp and Imoto World Ranking (ネプ&イモトの世界番付 手越祐也)

 photo 20140606NeppandImotoWorldRankingmp4_snapshot_0752_20140610_214402.jpg

This episode was dedicated to soccer and featured all sorts of interesting stories and VTRs on the topic. There was hardly any guest talk though. If you like soccer and/or know at least basic Japanese it's a fun watch. I enjoyed it even though I don't care about soccer. But there was very little Tegoshi in it so if you don't want to watch the whole thing for a few minutes of him I made a cut.

In the beginning they watched Japan team’s most memorable goals. Then they asked Tegoshi about it and he told the story of how he watched one of the matches that was just shown with Naoto and from that goal he got so emotional he spent the rest of the game crying on Naoto’s chest. Naoto was like patting his head saying “There there”. Imoto was like “That’s how our Yuya is.” Adding that close people can call him “Yuya”. She then came up to him to hug him but got a yellow card from the host.

After that there was little talk but at the end there was a cool performance of a freestyle football team and after that they made Tegoshi do a little collaboration with them.

Download: Full HQ Mp4, 50 min, 1340 MB

Tegoshi Cuts:
I wanted to make one file but when I try to combine them the sound goes off.

2014.06.06 Shige & Massu on Pekepon

 photo 20140606Pekepon-ShigeampMassump4_snapshot_2205_20140610_022232.jpg

Pekepon seemed to have changed a lot since last time NEWS were on it. Now there are 4 teams and the losers get excluded from playing. Massu and Shige were on a team with Takarazuka which was pretty cool. One of the ladies was actually on Ippuku last month, I think. Anyway, their team was badass.

Shige looked very pressured when it was his turn. The other team members tried to cheer him except the lady behind him began chanting “Massu!” She was really embarrassed when they told her. It was kinda funny except it seemed to make Shige even more nervous. He got the answer right though. The second task was harder though and both boys failed it.

The 3rd stage was to come up with starting or ending with a certain kanji or kana. The first task was to name the most widespread surnames starting with 小 - a bit tricky since it can sound as o/ou/ko. My first thought was naturally “Koyama’s totally in there!” Which it was but NEWS weren’t there to answer so the Takarazuka lady failed it and I’m sure the boys felt the same way I did.

The host said if they lose first they won’t let them advertise their single. Massu was like “But our CD…” and the host interrupted him “You can’t!” Thankfully the other Takarazuka lady succeeded.

Then they got all players back again and the question was: “guess 10 words that are in the dictionary between such and such words” Massu was very confident as he shouted “Nori!” with a smile… except it wasn’t there. He didn’t have a backup plan though so he failed it. He then realized that “nori” can’t come before “norito” and the host was like “Of course it can't!”

Before it was Shige’s turn the host mentioned that Kato-san used to be classmates with the hostess in middle and high school. So the host asked her what Shige was like in school and she said “He was a part of the cool guys group but he was known for being smart.” Shige said “Why do you put so much pressure on me before my answer?”

Then it was his turn to answer and at first he tried words with “nori”, then he wanted to try words with “noru” but as he said “noru…” it got accepted. Which wasn’t quite fair because he was totally thinking of adding something to it but they let him pass. On the next task though Shige redeemed himself giving a straight answer and looking very cocky at it.

That left NEWS/Takarazuka team with the Pekepon team. The next task was to name Japan’s most famous festivals. Shige and Massu both gave 1 right answer but by the time Shige for to answer again there were just 2 left so he’d lost.

The last task was to think of words ending with - neru. Massu got the first two right and he kept doing triumphant poses which was really cute. The second answer was also a bit of a stretch so they made fun of him but Shige looked so proud he even came up to Massu to double-high-five him.

The Takarazuka lady failed to give a correct answer so Massu was the only one left. The host then asked Shige whether he thinks Massu can win and he said "Well, he can" but he didn't look convincing saying it. The Pekepon team still had 3 members so there was little chance and Massu lost. He did get to advertise the single though.

Not uploading this one since it's available at Koyashigedake.

2014.06.12 Tegoshi on Gurunai

 photo 20140612GurunaiTegoshimp4_snapshot_0702_20140620_003837.jpg

Basically, it's an eating show. I don't get all of the rules but from what I gathered each of them orders a number of dishes and as they do they also try to guess how much a dish costs. Ideally they should make a total order of 10.000 yen. By the end of the show the one who is closest to that sum wins and the loser has to actually pay. The regulars have some additional rules but I didn't get that. Also this episode was dedicated to Brazil. Of course.

Everyone ordered meat but Tegoshi ordered a salad first and everyone teased him for being such a Johnnys while Taichi said "I always go straight for the meat!" There was also a game where they divided into 2 teams and had to guess which items on the table were not of Brazilian origin. Then before dessert they summed up the dishes they ate one by one and said something they were persevering in lately. Tegoshi said lately he tries to walk as much as possible. If the destination is within 20-30 minutes by car he chooses to walk instead even if it takes an hour.

Then it was time to announce the results. Some were saying that Tegoshi ordered some cheaper dishes so they doubted his success but of course he had confidence. The perfect result would have been 10.000 yen but nobody was able to achieve that. The second prize was +/-500 yen and guess which blond little shit won that? However, he had to choose from two envelopes one of which had 1,000 yen and the other 50,000 yen. He went for the B since he's the B-type but it turned out to be the 1,000 yen one. That did nothing to his winning mood though.

Download: MQ Mp4, 41 min, 247 MB

2014.06.13 Tegoshi at the World Cup Opening ceremony in Brazil

 photo 2014061330EF30FC30EB30C930AB30C330D7958B5E557279756Amp4_snapshot_0030_20140621_140014.jpg

Download: HQ Mp4, 5 min, 133 MB

2014.06.14 Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen - Tegoshi Cut

 photo 20140614TensaiShimuraDoubutsuen-TegoshiCutmp4_snapshot_0003_20140617_223513.jpg

Tegoshi and Skull's third appearance on Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen. In the beginning he talks about Tinni and how she, uh, takes off his underwear when he's about to take a bath. He'd told that in 2006 I think and I didn't think he'd bring it up again. Tegoshi, why? I didn't want to know the first time.

Then he gets to play with some puppies, kittens and even a 1 month old baby tiger. Then in the studio Tegoshi tries to make Skull to climb on top of him but just like the 2 previous times he fails. He totally ignores Tegoshi so Daigo actually asks "Tegoshi, is this really your dog?" The rest of it is just them looking at pictures of animals.

Download: MQ Mp4, 17 min, 400 MB

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