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J-Rock Fanvideos

This is the full list of my J-Rock fanvideos. It's unlikely to be updated, as I'm out of the fandom, but who knows...


Shizuka no Umi ~Heavenly~ (Hyde)
The first proper video I did. I watched 1994 Heavenly and it proved to be very inspiring. The video contains footage from the concert and some footage from the early videos.

Dearest Love - a chronicle (Hyde)
I really like to do chronicles and such, so I'm quite proud of this one. The video shows Hyde's evolution as an artist from 1992 to 2006.

Sea Of Sin (Gackt)
I just had to make a video about how Gackt is a sexy narcissistic bastard.

Missing ~egao o misete~ (Gackt)
This video shows a different side of Gackt. Not cool and pretentious, but honest and emotional. I captured this expression he only has when he first faces the audience and when he finishes his song.

Shallow Sleep (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
This video is very abstract, it's just me trying to makes sense of the imagery in Laruku videos - flowers and birds and wings and feathers...

I wish_ver.2 (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
These guys make beautiful music, but they can be such dorks sometimes. This is a collection on funny and sweet moments of L'Arc~en~Ciel. Never fails to make me smile)

Orenji no Taiyou (Gackt & Hyde)
Every Gakuhai fan has to make one. This 9 minute long video is a collection of all the footage from making and promotion of MoonChild I could get my hands on.

Older (Gackt & Hyde)
This is my little tribute to Gakuhai, MoonChild and old-school J-Rock.

mana_0001 (Electric Barbarella)
I'm not a big fan of Mana, but ..I once thought of this song I knew I had to make this. I'm really proud of this video, every bit of footage fitted so perfecty.

Walking In My Shoes (Kyo)
I'm not really a fan of Dir en grey, but I really like some of their music. And Kyo is someone who both attracts and disturbs me.

Simple Pages (Alice Nine)
I've seen some fanservice videos, but they mix up the cute with the lewd and that's just a no go. I'm a slasher, but I have my own code. I don't consider this fanservice, really. Even the kisses are nothing but adorable. It's some genuine affection there. And to me that's a lot more valuable than some cheap showing off.

Join Me (Shou)
A video dedicated to Shou and his stage persona.

Ride (ToraxShou)
Up to now I haven't seen a single good video on this wonderful pairing so I decided to do it myself. There isn't much material around but I think I made the best of it.

Dolls (ToraxShou)
I was always fascinated by this PV's imagery and it didn't seem like it would mix well with any other footage. I really felt like making something simple, something intuitive.

Habits (ToraxShou)
Unlike my previous ToraxShou one this video is plot-based.

Chemicals Between Us (fanvideo)
A short SagaxHiroto fanvideo. This pairing is underrated but it's got great chemistry.
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